Hazelwood Heritage Society                         Rowing Project
Hazelwood    Heritage    Society    has    been    working    on    a    project    to research   and   record   the   history   of   competitive   rowing   on   Lough   Gill, 1840   to   1900.   This   was   carried   out   May   2015   to   December   2015   by   Paul Allen   our   researcher,   working   through   the   archives   and   old   newspaper records   etc.   Interestingly   he   has   discovered   that   there   were   regattas   on Lough   Gill   as   far   back   as   1846.The   material   gathered   will   eventually   be edited and compiled into a C D/DVD.
Another   phase   of   the   project   is   to   collect   and   record   the   oral   history   associated   with   rowing   on   the   Lake.   There   is a   rich   heritage   and   much   interest   associated   with   rowing   in   the   area,   and each   community   around   the   Lake   had   its own   rowing   club.   The   town   clubs   and   firms   generally   rowed   from   the Riverside. We   would   be   interested   to   hear   from   anybody   who   has   memorabilia, photos,   stories,   or   any   information   related   to   rowing,   particularly   1900   to 2000. Please contact Paul          or phone Beatrice 087 7701603 This   project   is   Phase   1   of   the   overall   project,   and   we   are   grateful   to the   Community   grant   scheme   at   Sligo   County   Council   for   financial support to make the project possible.
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