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SAVING, PROTECTING and CARING for the PEACE & TRANQUILITY of HAZEL WOOD FOREST SECURING, PROTECTING and CARING the ARCHITECTURE & HISTORICAL HAZELWOOD HOUSE In O'Rourke's 'History of Sligo' he declares 'The scenery of the County of Sligo is universally acknowledged to be amongst the most attractive in Ireland ; and if a choice were to be made as to which portion of it is entitled to be considered the most charming, undoubtedly that rank would be accorded to the country about Lough Gill. Even to those who have wandered through Europe, and seen its finest scenery, there still remains something inexpressibly graceful and quietly picturesque in the  scenery surrounding the lake'.
Join or Contact The Hazelwood Heritage Society We are inviting YOU to become a  Member  of the Hazelwood Heritage Society. The HHS is actively directed towards the preservation, restoration and upkeep of Hazelwood House and its environs, ensuring it remains a recreational and cultural asset for the wider community. Annual Membership only costs €10 . Please join us and keep Hazelwood House and its environs FREE for us all to enjoy and safeguard. You can join online by paying for your membership by using PayPal. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below
Our Support The 'Hazelwood Heritage Society' are supported by the following bodies that include : the Irish Water Skiing Federation, Sligo Water Ski, Sligo Field Club, Irish Georgian Society and Bird Watch Ireland. The Irish Georgian Society Says Hazelwood House is a most important Palladian mansion which sits on a peninsula in Co. Sligo. The house constructed in the 1730’s to the designs of Richard Castle (1695-1751), architect of Leinster House, Powerscourt House &Westport House. The house comprises a central block of three storeys over basement flanked by two curved wings and was occupied by the Wynne family from the early 18th century until the 1920’s. After this time the house played host to various occupants including a retired tea planter and the army until, after the Second World War, it was faced with imminent demolition. Fortunately, the house was saved and again experienced a variety of roles that have succeeded in preserving the house till this day.                Hazelwood House is currently facing an uncertain future. Though the main building was re-roofed some years ago this did not address the needs of an historic building of its scale and importance. The house, particularly the wings, continues to experience water ingress that inevitably will lead to major structural faulting if left unaddressed. Furthermore, given that the house is no longer in use, it is susceptible to further gradual decay brought about by poor ventilation and the lack of adequate heating. This house is certainly one of the most important architectural structures not only in Sligo but in the northwest as a whole. It is a building of international importance that has survived against the odds. Unfortunately, the building has been compromised by the construction of an industrial unit to the rear but, ultimately, this is reversible and should not impede its preservation. To retain its contribution to the heritage of Sligo a use must be found for Hazelwood that allows for the implementation of an effective conservation/management plan. The Society believes that the future of this internationally important building must be preserved and that it could play a strong role as a core educational/tourist amenity for the northwest as a whole.
Pay online or copy the subscription form (right) and send your form and cheque to the address on the slip. You might like to make a donation to help us  preserve, protect and care for Hazelwood House and its surroundings. Making sure it remains a community recreational and cultural asset of Sligo.
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