The    Hazelwood    Heritage    Society    has    for    many years   worked,   and   will   continue   to   do   so   to   achieve recognition    for        Hazelwood    House,    highlighting    the importance    of    Hazelwood    as    a    part    of    our    built heritage in the North West. The   German   architect   Richard   Cassells   designed and   supervised   the   building   of   the   great   house   in   1731. It   was   to   be   the   first   Palladian   Villa   designed   by   him   to be   seen   in   Ireland.   The   design   of   Hazelwood   became the   prototype   for   other   great   houses   built   to   his   design here,    including    Leinster    House,    Powerscourt    House and Bellinter House.

Hazelwood Heritage Society 

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Hazelwood whiskey  to put Sligo on  international  drinks map
   Hazelwood House Gets Distillery Green Light      From the Sligo Champion        By Sorcha Crowley